Our Method of Design

Unique Website work with you from the start to ensure you receive an effective website with the look and feel that you require. Our web design process looks a little bit like this.

Before Our Meeting or Phone Call


Our Research

We spend some time looking at the design and content of websites in a similar business to yourself.

Central message

Your Thoughts

Please consider what central message(s) you need your website to convey and what key selling points, services and/or products you need the design to highlight.


Your Research

Please look at other websites and get a feel for the type of website style you like.

Note that customers who invest a small amount of time up-front are then able to spend our initial meeting refining their ideas rather than trying to decide on the basics.

During Our Meeting or Phone Call

We usually suggest a meeting at our premises in Great Barton (near Bury St Edmunds) although we can work very effectively by phone calls and emails with customers who live further afield. As we invest a lot of time getting to know your business, this meeting or phone call can take some time.

Coffee at meeting


We discuss your website research and our own research.

Coffee's optional - but recommended!.

Design questionnaire


We go through a detailed design questionnaire. We also discuss how best to highlight your website message(s) and selling points.


Decisions and Estimate

You tell us what type of website you would like (brochure or content management) and which pages you want us to create. We also agree on the design complexity required. We can then give you an estimate.

Design Stage

Computer sketches

Computer Sketches

For customers choosing our Quality or Silver options, we create detailed computer sketches of how the home page and an inner page will look; for Quality options, we create 2 designs to choose from. For customers choosing our Bueget option, we create simpler blocked out drafts.

Design tweaks


For customers choosing our Quality or Silver options, we put full-size computer sketches up on a private place on the net for you to view from your home. At this stage, we are happy for you to mix and match elements from different designs and to experiment with the look of different fonts, shadings, backgrounds etc. We put the revised sketches up for you to view and request further tweaks. This process continues (within reason) until you are happy.

Coding Stage

Website coding


Once you are happy with the final design and are happy to sign it off, you send us any further words and images. Then we begin coding to the agreed, fixed design.

Design tweaks

Temporary Site

We put the finished website up on a temporary site for you to agree. We are happy to make a few tweaks to ensure that you are happy with your site before it goes live.

Note, however, that this is not the time to request a compelte change to the design or to request a large number of changes!

Creating a Live Site

Google Analytics

Submitting to Search Engines

We submit your site to Google and Bing. We create a Google Analytics account for you so you can check your visitor statistics.

Email accounts

Email Accounts

If required, we create email accounts.

We provide full instructions

Documentation and Training

For Content Managment Systems, we give you full instructions on how to maintain your site. We also offer optional training at our premises near Bury St Edmunds.

Web support


We offer telephone and email support at all reasonable times.

Professional Bespoke Websites

Carefully Designed

We'd be happy to meet with you to discuss your ideas and requirements. For customers who are further afield, Skype, phone calls and emails can be very effective.