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SEO: No Factor is an Island

Nowadays, there are multiple factors that influence Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Some of the major ones are shown in the animation and are also explained below.

  • On-Page
  • Off-Page
  • Other

On-Page Factors

  • Website coding - We code each website in a search engine friendly way. Keywords are inserted in the appropriate places and the site is structured according to best practices. We only ever use 'white hat' coding (coding permitted by Google).
  • Website content - You need high-quality, unique content (with good grammar) that contains the keywords in a natural way. We advise you how to write your content with SEO (and humans) in mind. If requested, we offer a copywriting service for a small additional charge. Note, however, that you will need to spend some time giving us information in order to make your site stand out as having unique content; thin, scraped content can negatively impact your site's performance.
  • Responsive - Mobile-friendly sites are a factor for mobile queries.
  • Domain name - We provide advice on domain name selection.
  • Bounce rate - If a large percentage of people leave your site quickly, this tells Google that your site is EITHER not attractively designed OR that your content does not match the customer's query. A high bounce rate is thought to have a negative impact on your site. We design attractive, easy-to-navigate websites in order to reduce your bounce rate. We can also give you access your Google Analytics so that you can keep an eye on your bounce rate and update pages that perform badly.
  • Fresh updated content - Wordpress websites enable you to update content frequently. They also enable new blog post summaries to be displayed on each page, thus naturally adding to a page's freshness.
  • Website speed - Google knows that nobody likes waiting for slow websites.
  • Inbuilt blog (Wordpress websites only) - high quality content that is shared by other websites is becoming very important in SEO.

For further information on on-page SEO, please click here.

Off-Page Factors

  • Backlinks, citations and customer reviews - We give you detailed instructions on how you can create your own backlinks and citations, and how you can request customer reviews, if you so choose. Note that this advice could save you from paying for VERY expensive SEO work (reputable companies often charge extremely expensive fees; poor ones generally either use spammy tactics that could get your site a massive penalty or else they charge you for ineffective and almost useless work).
  • Social sharing buttons - Social signals are thought by many in the SEO world to be of increasing importance; having buttons on your site encourages people to share your content. Against this, these buttons can significantly slow down sites. We therefore mainly recommend them for blog posts.
  • Google+ - Google+ is Google's equivalent of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Forums all rolled into one; it is also - for obvious reasons - very important in SEO. We advise you how to create Google+ (and Bing) pages for your business.

For further information on off-page SEO, please click here.

Factors Outside of Our Control

  • Website age - New sites are often held down for a period of months. Trusted backlinks pointing to a new site may, possibly, help reduce this period.
  • Physical location - For local searches, the physical location of your business is VERY important.
  • Searcher's location - Google factors in the searcher's physical location into its algorithms.
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We'd be happy to meet with you to discuss your ideas and requirements. For customers who are further afield, Skype, phone calls and emails can be very effective.

If the websites you are competing against do not have large numbers of backlinks and if your physical location is the same as the location that you want to target, websites can SOMETIMES do well with few backlinks. If your market is more competitive, however, you would be advised to spend some time creating creating some links to your site. (As stated, we give detailed instructions on how to do this.)