Website Redesign UK

We are happy to redesign existing websites for any UK small business, charity or individual. Sometimes, this can create dramatic improvements.

Most redesigns benefit not just from a layout that is more visually appealing, but also from a restructuring and rewriting of existing content and from the addition of on-page SEO. Many customers also take this opportunity to make their site responsive and/or to consider a content management system.

A Few Recent Redesigns

Medical Justice

Previous uninviting website design for Medical Justice, a national charity

The old template design was cluttered, uninviting and the hard-to-navigate menu structure was made worse by having small text over a semi-transparent background.

As easy navigation around a complex site was vital, we colour-coded menus and pages to match specific areas of the site. We also completely redesigned the top section to provide an image-based story of a typical case and created news and media sections.

Contemporary web design for UK charity

Customer's verdict: “It looks fantastic, everyone's really chuffed with it!”

The Wallow

Previous cold website for The Wallow, Bury St Edmunds

The previous cold, univiting website was warmed with a garden-themed background image, which was mirrored throughout the site. The cold main picture was warmed by washing the sky with a deeper, sunnier blue.

The pages were restructured and rewritten, using a combination of words and images to detail their advantages. CSS3 image galleries were added and the site was made responsive.

Inviting website design for this Bury St Edmunds-based guest house

Customer's verdict: the customer phoned to say how happy they were with the site. A few months later, they phoned again to say their bookings had gone up considerably.


Previous website for this Ipswich driving school

The old site was unattractive, with garish red-on-black text and had structured the courses without thought to how people would search for them. (Courses were called 72 hour and 96 hour courses rather than 3 day and 4 day courses and the site therefore performed poorly for the more common search terms.)

We used colour to highlight the important points. We also used the colour-coded Choose What, Choose Where, Choose When boxes to guide the user through the booking process.

Website redesign for an Ipswich driving school

Customer verdict: “Things have really picked up since the new web site went live.”

Ballet First

Previous website for an Essex ballet school

The old site was dated and did little to draw the reader in.

In keeping with a classical ballet school, our redesign greyed out the top photos to create an elegant design. We then added colour further down the home-page to highlight the numerous strengths of this establishment.

Elegant website design for Ballet First, Essex

Customer's verdict: “Very professional and slick ... I think the site looks fantastic! ... I really think the site looks smashing. Thank you!”

W J Newton Property Maintenance

Previous template site for WJN Property Maintenance, Bury St Edmunds

Website redesign for a Suffolk property maintenance company. Additional pages were created to explain his services; individual images were sourced to sell each service, and an attractive footer section was added. All content was written by Unique Websites.

Brochure web design for a Bury St Edmunds property maintenance company

Customer's verdict: “excellent customer service along with great attention to detail”

Professional Bespoke Websites

Carefully Designed

We'd be happy to meet with you to discuss your ideas and requirements. For customers who are further afield, Skype, phone calls and emails can be very effective.

Note that, if we redesign a website, we start from a blank canvas and create a new website for you from scratch - we do not just tweak another designer's coding or SEO.

We do, however, keep your existing domain name so that your domain can retain its search engine trust factor (new websites often do not do well in Google) and we retain the old page URLs where possible and practical for the same reason. If it is not possible to keep the old page urls, then page redirects can often help.