The written words on your website create an impression with potential customers. Your written content needs to work together with the illustrations to describe your services/products, tell customers what your business strengths are and create an overall feeling of confidence in your business.

Content that is poorly structured or poorly phrased will not get your message across well. Content that is full of spelling mistakes or grammatical errors will create a poor impression of your business.

The quality of your website content can also affect your position in the search engine listings.

Our Services

We offer a flexible package of help, from a full copywriting service to simple proofreading.

Copywriting: Basic

We discuss your business with you first. This is always our starting point as nobody knows your business like you do.

We discuss your business strengths and services/products. With each service/product, we ask questions to gain more details and to identify any additional business strengths.

We also ask for any written documents that you have such as brochures and business cards.

We then put all of the information together into a well-structured set of website pages, illustrating points whenever relevant with your photos or with stock photos.

Copywriting: With Research

It is often helpful to look at the websites of companies offering similar products or services. This gives us a feel for:

  • the types of information that need to be brought out
  • the types of detail that it is useful to state

Restructuring and Rewriting Your Content

We are happy to restructure and rewrite content that you send to us.


Obviously, customers should run a spell-checker over their words before submitting them. In our experience, however, customers still often send us website copy that is far from perfect.

We are happy to proofread. We will correct both spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.


Professional Bespoke Websites

Carefully Designed

We'd be happy to meet with you to discuss your ideas and requirements. For customers who are further afield, Skype, phone calls and emails can be very effective.

“I have to say Unique Websites are amazing. I will be forever grateful for the professional help and advice I was given in all aspects of this project and the finished result has brought me a massive amount of business.”

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