Our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is transparent.

Our privacy policy may be subject to change. (For example, it might get stricter if new laws apply). Therefore, please check this page if you have any concerns.

Unique Websites has its own website. It is also a web designer and a reseller of hosting services via a UK hosting company.

Our Own Website

Personal Details

Our Unique Websites website does NOT collect personal data about you. We use anonymous tracking data from Google Analytics (see our Cookie policy for details of how to prevent this).

Emails received via the contact form (and any other subsequent emails) are stored on our home computer, mobile and backup server.

We NEVER sell or knowingly pass on your email address (or personal details) to anyone.

Web Designer and Reseller of Hosting Services

What Type of Personal Data Do We Collect About You?

This data includes your name, address, email address, phone numbers and payment information. We may also keep records of your queries and correspondence.

Written Information

At the initial design meeting, we ask for a name, business name, phone number and email address. These are stored offline together with other information that the customer chooses to give us (eg business cards, brochures). They are not passed to anyone else. As the information is information that the customer intends to be put in the public domain via their website, we do NOT keep this in a locked cabinet.

Email Information

Emails from the Contact form, and any emails subsequently sent to us, are stored on our home computer, mobile and backup server.

We NEVER sell or knowingly pass on your email address (or personal details) to anyone.

Other Information That is Held On Our Home Computer and Home Backup Server

When we create website designs, we include your contact details (name, address and telephone number/s) in these designs so that you can see how they will look. This is information that will be in the public domain once your website is created. If customers state that they do not want this information on their website, then we do not put it on the designs. The designs that we create are stored on our home computer and home backup server.

Customers often give us photos for use in designs. These are stored on our home computer and home backup server.

Website Designs

Unless the customer specifically asks us not to, we may show a segment of their website design, together with an associated photo, on a page of our website.

Data About a Third Party

If you provide us with personal data about a third party, you warrant that you have obtained the express consent from that third party for the disclosure and use of their personal data. An example might be when we register a domain on their behalf.

Data On YOUR Website

Our privacy notice does NOT cover any video, image or other content posted, uploaded or otherwise available on any customer website, whether that material is published or not.

In all circumstances, you the customer are responsible for any applicable legal requirements for the content of your website. You are responsible for checking the content of your website.

Retention Periods

We may keep emails, designs and other correspondence for up to 7 years after you cancel our services.


Obviously, if personal details are requested by the police or courts, then we would comply with this request.

Use of Your Personal Data?

Creation of Designs

As stated above, we need to put contact data such as name, address and telephone number on the website designs so that the customer can see how the complete design will look.


We use your data to create and renew domains for you; this includes billing. Note that your data may be sent to the domain registrar outside of the EEA.

Web Hosting

We use your data to host your website; this includes billing.

Email hosting

We use your data to provide email services; this includes billing and email addresses.


Should we need to, we contact you via email, letter or telephone using information you have given us.

Third Parties

We do not, never have, and never shall, sell your personal data to third parties.

We are a hosting reseller for a hosting company; we also buy and renew domains via this company. They may collect information about you. This might include your IP address, device-specific information, server logs, device event information, location information, and unique application numbers. We advise you to read their privacy policies should you have any concerns. (Our current hosting company is TSO Host.)

We may pass your personal data to third parties for the provision of services on our behalf (for example processing your payment). However, we will only ever share information about you that is necessary to provide the service.

Your Rights

If you prevent us from using your personal data, this may mean that we are unable to provide a service to you and so shall cancel your service.

You have the "right to be forgotten". This means that you have the right to obejct to our use of your personal data. You have the right to ask us to delete it or to stop using it, should there be no need for us to keep it. Note that there may be legal reasons, or accounting reasons, why we need to keep your data.

You have the right to request that we do not use your personal data for marketing purposes. If requested, we shall not contact you for marketing purposes. You can make this request at any time by using our contact form. Note that Unique Websites do not send marketing emails to any customers.

Contact Us

Should you have any queries, then please contact us using our contact form.

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