Attractive, Bespoke Website Design
for Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and England

Unique Websites are a small, professional website design and development company based near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

We are a small agency who take the time to be careful about ALL stages of a website's creation and also offer a good after-sales service. We NEVER outsource work. We are proud that much of our business is now coming from recommendations.

All of our websites are responsive (mobile-friendly) as part of the standard price; therefore the words and content automatically rescale and rearrange according to the width of the device (PC, iPad, tablet or smartphone). All sites have on-page SEO incorporated into the coding and structure of the pages as a default.

Our flexible pricing structure allows customers to choose both the complexity of design and the size of site they wish to pay for. We also offer discounts to charities and voluntary organisations.

We aim to create a site that WORKS for you, rather than one that just looks attractive.

We therefore spend the extra time finding out about your business and your design preferences.

Then we discuss the options with you before we start designing.

Our Principles of Web Design

Over the last 10 years, we have developed our own ideas as to what makes a site effective for the customer. Some of the key principles we follow for all sites are given below.

1 Get Your Key Messages Across

When visiting your website, people decide in mere seconds if you are the right company for them.

The above-the-fold content MUST therefore tell them what you can offer them AND appear attractive enough so that they stay on your site.

Ballet First, Essex

Mobile-friendly Wordpress website redesign

The top rotating photos of ballet pupils together with the prominent top words tell the viewer it is a classical ballet school

The grey-scale images of the home page add an elegant, classy feel

Mobile-friendly CMS for Ballet First

In this web design for an East Anglian ballet school, the top photos and words work together to immediately tell the reader what the company can offer them.

2 Highlight Your Strengths

We spend time with you considering what aspects of your business need to be brought out in the design. Then we ensure that:

  • Words and images work together to highlight strengths.
  • Colour draws the eye to important points.

Guest House, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Mobile-friendly website redesign

Warm, inviting photos back up claims made in text

Excellent TripAdvisor reviews together with mulptiple testimonials in the footer of each page build trust

Mobile-friendly brochure site for a Bury St Edmunds guest house

In this web design for a Bury St Edmunds guest house, we use words and images to show their superior accomodation and breakfasts.

3 Build Trust in Your Business

Methods may include:

  • Providing examples of high-quality work already completed
  • Showing close-ups that illustrate areas of quality
  • Adding customer testimonials
  • Listing professional qualifications.

International aircraft repair

AeroEng Ltd, Ipswich

Design detail for international aircraft repair site

Icons highlight company principles; long list of former well-known clients builds trust.

4 Call to Action

Where appropriate, we place prominent "Act Now" buttons. For example, many charities like a prominent donate button.

Medical Justice, UK charity

Responsive CMS website redesign

The Donate button is (discretely) highlighted in the menu bar

Relevant pages have call-to-action buttons

Charity website redesign for Medical Justice

In this charity web redesign, the charity chose to have a reasonably discrete donate button at the right of each menu bar. Relevant pages, however, have prominent call-to-action buttons.

5 Easy to Use and Attractive

Visitors need to be able to find the information they need easily. Most of our menus are permanently visible.

Visitors are more likely to trust a business that has a modern, attractive website than one with an uncared-for, badly designed, outdated site.

Walnut Tree Therapies

Mobile-friendly brochure web design

Easy-to-use menus always visible

Hand-created Wordles reflect page content

Attractive web design for Walnut Tree Therapies

In this web design for an East Anglian therapist, the easy-to-use menus are always visible at the top of desktop screens. The seascape creates a sense of calm.

Effective Bespoke Websites

Carefully Designed

If you like our method of web design, we'd be happy to meet at our offices near Bury St Edmunds to discuss what would work for you - or to work by phone and emails if that would suit you better.

A Few Customer Comments

  • Thank you very much for the work you have done to improve our website. It is a complete transformation and has been very well received by our members. They are a critical bunch.
    You have taken our brief and produced a site that meets all of the requirements we specified and done it within the timescale we agreed, at a very reasonable cost. It even has some nice features that we did not specify.

    Research Network, London

  • Thankyou for all your help ... I've had lots of referrals via the site. I'm really pleased with it. I often recommend you to others who seem to be struggling with creating websites themselves or have paid people to create one but then seem to end up doing a lot of it themselves! Your service was marvellous for me with limited technical knowledge and time. I absolutely love the look of the site as well.

    Sandra Hayes Therapy, Essex and Sufffolk

  • We found Unique Websites to be very helpful to a company that is not terribly IT literate. A truly personal service from a family business that kept us informed and involved at every stage.

    Victoria Glass, based in Eye near Diss

  • Unique Websites are professional, extremely competitively priced and the service and end product are second to none!!

    Self Build My Home

  • I think you have put together a beautiful website for my School and I am very thrilled with it; I think it looks extremely elegant and inline with how I want my Ballet School to be portrayed.

    Ballet First, Essex