About Unique Websites

Small design agency; no outsourcing.

Who We Are

Unique Websites are a small web design company with over 10 years' experience. We began in 2007 under a different name (Q Websites) but quickly realised that we wanted our business name to reflect our core belief: customers should have an individual, non-template website. In 2008, we rebranded as Unique Websites.

We consist of a husband and wife team, each with different skills:

  • design, website wording and SEO
  • programming, emails, technical support

We maintain our low prices by keeping overheads to a minimum; we maintain the high quality of our websites by NEVER outsourcing work. When you buy one of our websites, you will not be given a junior designer or an account manager.

Where We Are

Unique Websites are based in Great Barton, near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, but we offer a personalised, individual web design service to small businesses throughout the UK.

Our Office

Our office, in peaceful surroundings

Our office


We create detailed computer sketches of how your site will look


What We Do

As our name suggests, we create unique, individual websites for each customer. Your will NOT be given a template.

We only take on a small number of websites at a time as we prefer to give each site the time it needs, rather than rushing and skimping on quality.

When We Are

Officially, our opening hours are from 9 - 5.30pm, Monday - Friday.

In practice, we occasionally offer evening appointments to customers who are busy with their day jobs during office hours.

We will also offer support during all reasonable times.


Testing your site on different devices and different browsers


Our View

View from our office - tranquil Maple Green, Great Barton

Our office view
PC Screen

Professional Bespoke Websites

Carefully Designed

We'd be happy to meet with you to discuss your ideas and requirements. For customers who are further afield, Skype, phone calls and emails can be very effective.

Our Values

PC Screen


U = Unique

Every customer is different; every business is different. Each web design should be different too. No templates.


N = New

The world of the internet is ever changing. New trends come and go. We keep up-to-date with the latest international web trends.


I = Integrity

We value honesty and have built our business by being straight with customers. Empty sales claims are not our style; we like being able to sleep at night.


Q = Quality

We strive to make each site better than the last one. This applies to both design and coding. We NEVER outsource work.


U = Utmost

We do our utmost to ensure our websites work for our customers. We regularly go the extra mile to ensure they do so.


E = Extra

We try to exceed expectations. Most of our business now comes from recommendations from happy customers.